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Universal Mini PA Nylon Mcb Lock Multi-Functional Circuit Breaker Lockout CBL08

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easy to lock without tools

Suitable for all kinds of small and medium sized MCCBs

Suitable for any miniature circuit breakers (handle width≤10mm)

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Multi-functional Circuit Breaker Lockout CBL08

a) Made from engineering plastic strengthened nylon PA and brass screw.

b) Self-locking screws, easy to lock without tools.

c) Wide range of uses: suitable for all kinds of small and medium sized MCCBs, and any miniature circuit breakers (handle width≤10mm).

CBL08 Accept up to 1 padlock with shackle diameter ≤ 10.5mm

CBL08_01 CBL08_02 CBL08_03 width=

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Circuit Breaker Lockout

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