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About Us

Lockey Safety Products Co.,Ltd

Lockout is a choice you make, safety is the destination Lockey achieve.


Lockout is Lockey’s lifelong career, we do lockout only and professionally.


We have our R&D department to carry out all customized designs.


Safety solutions are supported if you have no idea how to carry out lockout procedure.

Safety production is the foundation for achieving economic efficiency and sustainable development. Most workplace accidents are caused by the unexpected energization or start up of uncontrolled release of energy while manufacturing, installation or maintenance. 

Lockey always adhere to a philosophy that each hazardous energy must be locked. To safeguard the lives of every worker over the world with Chinese quality is Lockey’s unswerving pursuit.

Lockey Safety Products Co.,Ltd is founded to guarantee occupational safety. We have the first-class management team and serials of independent intellectual property rights, with ISO9001, OHSAS18001, ATEX,CE and SGS cerfiticated, providing safety solutions on machinery, food, construction, logistics, chemical, energy and all other industrials. The product range covers lockouts including safety padlock, valve lockout,cable lockout, lockout tags, lockout hasp, management lockout station and so on, with a great market shares and recognitions internationally and domestically.

Lockey is a modern enterprise integrating R&D, manufacturing and exporting service, having a first-class management team and a number of independent intellectual property rights. We set foot in machinery manufacturing, food, construction, logistics, chemical industry, energy and others to provide safety solutions for companies. Lockey's products covers safety lockouts including safety padlock, valve lockout, lockout hasp, electrical lockout, cable lockout, group lockout box, lockout kit and station, etc.

Certificate Qualification

Our manufacturing meets Standards like ISO9001, OSHA, OHSAS18001, ATEX, etc.