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Lockey Safety Products Co., ltd.

A professional manufacturer of Safety padlock, valve lockout, lockout hasp, electric lockout, cable lockout, lockout kit and station, etc.

Committed to helping small and medium-sized enterprises to design professional and reliable one-stop safety protection solutions, eliminate all possible safety accidents, and create a safe, professional and standard working environment for the majority of enterprise employees.

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Expert knowledge and understanding of OSHA regulations and NFPA guidelines and interpretations.

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Engineers and security practitioners with 10-15 years of professional experience and a degree can help identify current gaps and suggest improvements to your current security program, or develop a new program to meet your specific needs.

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We help you with our 8 point program

Our Lockey team of Lockout Experts conduct and assess your workplace to develop a comprehensive lockout program.

Review your existing lockout program

Evaluate your current lockout equipment and provide functional recommendations.

Conduct a workshop session to address site specific details for development of your updated lockout program.

This is the most essential element that brings everything together & the actual lockout/tagout policy that is customized to meet the specific need of each industry.Its purpose is to ensure that the company has a consistent tool to reference as the program is updated and utilized throughout the year.This corporate policy offers guidance on training new employees.creating procedures for the new equipment,auditing schedule for the procedures and employees,responsibility of program owner,defining key terms and responsibilities & more.

Before any maintenance or Servicing on any of the machines,an in-depth study is conducted of each and every machine and all energy sources are identified and specifically marked.This exercise is done basically for drafting the Machine specific lockout procedures.

Lockey is dedicated to providing businesses and industries in all sectors with the lockout tagout procedure service. On the basis of the onsite evaluations and analysis conducted by our engineers-customized procedures are drafted for each individual piece of equipment.This process includes:

Use of digital pictures to show where the energy source isolation point is located.

Instructing employees where to find each isolation point using the text.

Correlating with custom graphical tagged energy source isolation points to quickly display where the lockout point is.

Each procedure is customized to its specific application to meet each customer’s unique needs,

These options include the sturdy and dependable laminated procedures for indoor environment/self stick formats for fixing them on machines/binder & digital copies of each procedure for internal usage / reference or injection molded.Establishing a policy that permits only the employee who applied a lockout / tagout device to remove it .

Buying lockout devices can be complicated and expansive without a plan.Purchasing the wrong,cheapdevices can ruin your budgets and potentially leave out devices that are critical /necessary for your safety .An efficient way of ordering is to first technically access,what is required for your facility and then only initiate the buying process of right quality product as prescribed in the LOTO procedures.OSHA1910.147 states that devices must be standardized by either having the same colour,size or shape.Use only lockout /tagout devices authorized for the particular equipment or machinery and ensure that they are durable,standardized,and substantial.Ensure that lockout/tagout devices identify the individual users.
This is a special service provided by Lockey for all its customers who are going ahead with the installation of all the technical products like the installation of padlock eyes on electrical panels,special switch LOTO devices installation,special valve loto devices installation in the critical areas of the plants etc.
In the case of Lockout/Tagout,even one member’s inattention can be potentially fatal.While training we make sure to have full attention and engagement of all the authorized employees.Training generally take place,once all the loto device are procured,allocated and the loto boxes are being installed at the strategic locations as per company policy.
Besides meeting the OSHA requirements,annual audits help companies ensure that they have the up-to-date and accurate procedures that allow employees of the companies to safely de energize equipment using the appropriate steps of disconnects.Lockey helps its customers in internal audits to ensure the accuracy of LOTO procedures / meet OSHA compliance / ensure employees safety and save time & resources.This also ensures that new or overhauled equipment is capable of being locked out.These audit dates are specifically marked on all the MSP’s installed in the industry at all the locations as well as in the internal binded copies available with the plant head.

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