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The standby device is not powered off, electric shock and death accident

The standby device is not powered off, electric shock and death accident

Accident course

At 7:55 a.m. on September 14, 2021, Yuan Shifang entered the position of no. 2 bag cutting machine in the plastic bag workshop on the third floor of injection Molding Building and began to work normally. At 10:40, Wang Dapeng adjusted the parameters of the 2# bag cutting machine due to the process requirements. After the test was normal, he handed it over to Yuan Shifang for further use. At 10:47, Yuan Shifang found Wang Dapeng and said that the blade of the 2# bag cutting machine was not sharp enough, and asked Wang Dapeng for a new blade and returned to the 2# bag cutting machine to replace it by herself. At 10:50, Yuan Shifang suddenly said, “Ah!” “, He Yunfei, who worked near Yuan Shifang, ran to see Yuan Shifang lying on her side on the ground, one hand straight, the other hand resting on her abdomen, body movements relaxed. He Yunfei immediately turned off the machine power supply, and call Wang Dapeng. Then He turned Yuan shifang over and placed her in a supine position. He saw that Her eyes were wide open and her pupils were slack, but she was still breathing. Wang Dapeng and Wang Niu in the same office quickly arrived at the scene, in Wang Dapeng called “120″, the scene of three people alternate to give Yuan Shifan CPR, then rushed to other staff also assist rescue work. At 11:09 PM, medical staff arrived at the scene to rescue Yuan Shifang. At 11:58 PM, medical staff declared yuan Shifang dead.
Press the stop button, the transmission system stops running, the equipment is in standby state, corona treatment is still in power state, and the tool holder is pulled out to replace the blade, resulting in electric shock. Lockout tagout should be done as specified.
Accident prevention and rectification measures

According to work Safety Law of the People’s Republic of China, Regulations on Reporting, Investigation and Handling of Work Safety Accidents and other laws and regulations, combined with the principles of local supervision and industry supervision, accident prevention and rectification measures are put forward as follows:

(1) The development zones shall learn lessons from accidents, carry out territorial management responsibilities, and strengthen safety inspection of machinery and equipment operations of enterprises within their jurisdiction; Urge enterprises to fulfill the main responsibility for work safety and do a good job in operation safety management; Serious investigation of accident hidden danger, prevent similar accidents.

(2) according to “byelaw of guangdong province safety in production in the second paragraph of article 45 and regulations on the safety production in guangzhou in the first paragraph (2) of article 27, homologous company wants to hire qualified safety assessment institutions for the enterprises to carry out the safety assessment of the status quo, and in the three months to complete the evaluation, analysis of accident causes, summarize experience and lessons, prevention and improvement scheme, Implement preventive and rectification measures and report to district emergency Management Bureau for record.

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