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Lockout tagout Experience in the implementation of test management

Lockout tagout Experience in the implementation of test management
The effective implementation of procedures, leadership attention and staff awareness are the key. In the early stage of implementing Lockout tagout test management, employees did not understand Lockout tagout test management, and thought that the progress of overhaul was affected and time was delayed. We should deeply realize that maintenance cannot only pay attention to the safety of maintenance operations, but also need to pay more attention to the effect of operation surrender and energy isolation before maintenance, effectively ensuring the isolation of energy in order to better ensure the safety of maintenance. In addition, through the continuous training of the procedure and the good effect achieved by the on-site implementation, the staff fully realize that attaching personal locks to the isolation points is to protect the life safety of individuals, and expect to have a good phenomenon that the operation must be locked, and the concept of personal safety protection is deeply rooted in the people’s mind.
The implementation of the system is a gradual process, can not be accomplished overnight. In the early stage of development, it is necessary to fully train employees to understand the significance of Lockout tagout, start to implement the lock, and gradually transition to the requirements of the Lockout tagout test system. It is necessary for employees to truly realize the benefits of the Lockout tagout test, consciously implement the system with high standards and step by step.
Lockout tagout The core of test execution is the test, and the test results should be emphasized. Testing is the guarantee of the effect of Lockout tagout, and it cannot be considered that Lockout tagout is safe. Lockout tagout is just a way to ensure that isolation is not damaged. Whether energy isolation is effective and whether energy is completely isolated must be verified through testing. Such as: power switch test, valve state test.
Implementing Lockout tagout test management is not only a procedure, but also a kind of security management concept. To transition from high-risk operations by guardianship to their own safety, lock is one of the most effective ways to protect their own operation safety. The implementation of Lockout tagout test procedure process is important to adhere to, as long as the careful implementation of the standard can avoid accidents brought by human error. To change the traditional concept of employees, realize that the implementation of energy isolation Lockout tagout test and work permit, is an important part of the inspection and maintenance work, rather than the preparation before the work, abandon the outdated concept that is considered to be the burden before the work.
Form the responsibility of mutual supervision between territorial units and maintenance units, and constantly improve the implementation standards. In the process of test implementation, the responsibilities of the territorial unit and maintenance unit are mainly implemented. If the territorial unit does not implement the system in place during the implementation process, maintenance personnel will urge the territorial unit to improve the implementation standard in order to ensure personal safety; If the maintenance unit does not implement the procedure in place, the territorial unit is the territorial manager. In order to ensure the safety of the territorial region, the territorial unit will also supervise the maintenance unit to strictly implement the standard, forming a mutual supervision mechanism and improving the implementation standard of the system.


Post time: Mar-18-2023