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Effective extension of Lockout tagout test method

Effective extension of Lockout tagout test method
Establish Lockout tagout test management system. In order to effectively implement the energy isolation management and ensure the safety of the working process, the Lockout tagout test management system should be developed first. It is suggested to set up a system compilation group, whose members are composed of management personnel, technical personnel, maintenance personnel and post operation representatives of each major production department. Based on the actual production situation, system contents are determined and on-site implementation is better guided. In the process of program preparation, focus on communication and training with grass-roots staff, enhance the applicability and rationality of the system, and continue to carry out special audit in the process of system implementation, improve the system and improve the execution of the program.
Comprehensive training, effective communication and consistency of system understanding. Training is a key part of the system running well. Before the system trial operation, the enterprise should organize the production unit management personnel, technical personnel, operators to carry out program training, according to the needs of different positions, the system in terms of management, technology and use with each person to participate in Lockout tagout communication, In particular, the use of individual lock, collective lock and Lockout tagout steps are explained in detail, so that every person involved in production and maintenance of the Lockout tagout test management system proficient, reduce the employees’ understanding of the system on the deviation, maintain the consistency of system understanding. In addition, the system is reviewed and trained every year, so that employees can deepen their understanding of the system and unify the implementation standards of the system. At the same time, it is suggested to carry out the “Lockout tagout test” security theme month, the construction of “Lockout tagout test” training base and other activities.
High standards, strict requirements, pay close attention to the implementation of the system. Lockout tagout tests focus on the implementation of high standards, strengthen the “rigidity” of the system, and to be linked with performance assessment. For example, at the beginning of the promulgate of a petrochemical company procedure, when the device overhaul, the company leaders size up the situation, firmly seize the opportunity, forcefully implement the implementation of Lockout tagout test procedure, clearly require to participate in the overhaul of the unit in the overhaul work before the development of isolation locking program, maintenance operations need to carry out energy isolation point for statistical reporting. After parking, emptying and replacement are qualified, Lockout tagout is carried out on the site energy isolation points in accordance with the previously reported statistical list to ensure that no personal injury accidents are caused by accidental release of energy during major overhaul. Subsequently, in the company’s previous minor repairs, major repairs and daily inspection and maintenance in recent years, through continuing to pay close attention to the implementation standards of the Lockout tagout test system, the lockout tag test plays a prominent role in energy isolation, effectively ensuring the safety of personnel, equipment and environment in the process of inspection and maintenance.
Through the audit, found the deficiencies in the implementation of the system order, and constantly improve. Lockout tagout test for many enterprises to promote the implementation of a certain degree of difficulty, mainly because we feel cumbersome, increase the workload, so continue to maintain and adhere to is the key, but also need to continue to correct, improve and perfect. For example: The management of a petrochemical company made use of every opportunity of safety observation and communication to review the use of safety lock and the Lockout tagout energy isolation in on-site maintenance operations, praised the units that did well, and corrected the imperfections in time. The implementation criteria for energy isolation Lockout tagout have been continuously improved and enhanced.
The implementation of the system into the performance assessment, as an inviolable principle. The company should determine that violating the Lockout tagout test is a serious violation of the security code and implement it as an inviolable principle or prohibition of the company. Examples of tagout test program violations include:
(1) All energy sources are not isolated.
(2) did not test or witness the isolation effect test of the power equipment.
(3) Operate locked valves and switches.
(4) Remove labels and locks without authorization.
(5) Have extra backup keys.
(6) Holding excess collective lock keys and any behavior in violation of the principles of this procedure.


Post time: Mar-18-2023