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Dangerous work is not careful, use hand operation to recruit bad luck

Dangerous work is not careful, use hand operation to recruit bad luck

The danger of some mechanical operations is very big, but some of the use of these machinery personnel, do not pay attention to this, especially for a long working time, more do not take the danger as a matter of fact, operating procedures and requirements behind, want to do, how to do. The consequences were irreparable. In the following case, for example, an unfortunate incident occurred when the danger was not taken seriously and the hand was used instead of the work that should have been done with the tool.

Zhejiang injection factory worker Jiang mou is crushing waste. The material mouth of the plastic crusher is a very dangerous part, according to the provisions, in the operation must use the wooden stick to plug the raw material mouth, it is strictly prohibited to use the hand directly fill the raw material, but Jiang mou after using the wooden stick for a while, too much trouble, with the hand to plug the material. He had done it by hand many times before, and nothing had happened, so he didn’t think it mattered. But this time, bad luck befell him. The right hand was caught in the shredder’s feeding hole, and the fingers were cut off.

Hands are a very important part of our body, and many of our safety procedures are written by hand with blood. We must not venture to prove its correctness again by the peril of the hand. To love one’s hands is to love one’s life.
Habit is not natural, rest must be safe

We are at work, may often do some unsafe behavior, some behavior may be casual and habitual, but I do not know whether you have thought, is these small habits, sometimes will cause a lifetime ‘regret, or even pay the price of life. Have you ever done any of the following? Rest in a dangerous place; Ignoring safety signs and going their own way; Do not wear seat belts when working at heights, etc. If you do, fix it. The following case is the injury accident caused by the unsafe behavior at rest.

Hebei a machinery factory worker Li mou is on the crane maintenance, because the weather is hot, Li mou a little sleepy, he leaned on the railings to rest, the results of another maintenance personnel start driving, Li Mou did not pay attention to, the body lost stability and fell, resulting in a serious fall.

Always pay attention to safety, prevent accidents everywhere. Carelessness only invites harm. At the production site, we should have the vigilance of “eyes and ears”, whether in operation, or in temporary leisure, want to rest, we should keep in mind the safety first, do not hurt yourself, not to be hurt by others, do not get used to do some unsafe behavior naturally.


Post time: Nov-20-2021