Project Description

Part No.: LG06

Valve Lockout Kit

a) It is an industrial selection of lockout/tagout devices.

b) For locking off all kinds of valves, etc.

c) All items can be easily carried in the lightweight carrying tool bag.

d) Tool bag size: 16 inches.



1. Lockout bag (LB03) 1PC;

2. Safety padlock (P38S) 2PCS;

3. Short shackle laminated padlock (LP01) 1PC;

4. Long shackle laminated padlock (LP05) 1PC;

5. Lockout hasp (SH01) 1PC;

6. Lockout hasp (SH02) 1PC;

7. Gate valve lockout (SGVL01) 1PC;

8. Gate valve lockout (SGVL02) 1PC;

9. Gate valve lockout (SGVL03) 1PC;

10. Adjustable gate valve lockout (AGVL01) 1PC;

11. Adjustable ball valve lockout (ABVL01) 1PC;

12. Air source lockout (ASL04) 1PC;

13. Cable lockout (CB01-6) 1PC.

Combination Electrical Safety Group Valve Lockout KitCombination Electrical Safety Group Valve Lockout Kit